Lucian Balanescu (New Projects)

luci rom

Lucian Balanescu’s primary responsiblity with Chrysolis is to design and implement new projects, such as the Engage Network and Advance.

He is also the presenter of our popular Romanian-language Diapologeticus channel on YouTube.

Lucian is an entrepreneur who, from 2004 to 2017, was the COO of 648 Group, an IT company whose clients included Netflix, Dell and Samsung.

Lucian’s studies in philosophy and ancient history, combined with his business experience, give him a wide-ranging perspective on contemporary issues, and he is known as an insightful and fresh thinker.

He is an especially popular communicator with university audiences. He, like Luke, is a member of the Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER) and for many years was involved with the leadership of the Bucharest-based IFES movement.

He is married to Rodica and they have two young girls.


Chrysolis’ Luci Balanescu engages with a student audience at a business complex in Bucharest.


(Chrysolis is UK Registered Charity 1152787)