Kristi Mair (& other speakers)

Chrysolis is ably supported by a number of volunteers, who help both with practicalities and also engage with audiences at public events we help run. This page spotlights one of our associate speakers, and briefly introduces you to two others.

Associate Speaker: Kristi Mair

Kristi has been part of Chrysolis since almost the beginning, and is a member of the board with particular responsibility for advising in apologetics.

She is an incredibly engaging speaker whose thoughtful style has impacted audiences in many different countries and settings.

Kristi is currently a PhD candidate at Birmingham University, already holding an  MA in Philosophy of Religion & Ethics from there, which focused on best practice in Christian apologetics.

Formerly working with international student organization Friends International, and also with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship in the UK, she is currently Research Fellow in Philosophy, Ethics and Apologetics at Oak Hill Theological College.

Her first book, MORE > Truth: Searching for Certainty in an Uncertain World, was published by InterVarsity Press in 2019, and she also co-edited and contributed to Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis: Thriving in the COVID-19 Pandemic (IVP 2020).

Kristi was born in Hungary and moved to the UK at a young age. She is available to speak in either English or Hungarian.

Romanian Team

emi o

Emi Ologeanu (speaker)

Anca M

Anca Maties

Much of our focus is on work in Romania. We have a team of volunteers and our leadership team there includes Luke and Luci, as well as Emi Ologeanu and Anca Maties. You can learn more about them and the full range of projects they oversee, on our Romanian-language website, here.




Anca Maties leading a discussion at a project Chrysolis helped run in the science faculty of Sibiu University in Romania.