Give from the USA

Chrysolis is entirely supported by voluntary donations. Here’s two ways you can give easily from the United States of America:

Tax Deductible Giving

If you are interested in tax-deductible giving from the US, then you can do this via Mission Enablers International (MEI), with whom we partner in this area.

You can set up monthly giving, as well as send one-off gifts, by visiting this link to their website (here), and where it says “Designation Code”, please be sure to write Chrysolis’ unique code, CHR705, otherwise any gifts will not get to us.

MEI accept:

  1. Cash and Checks (including Billpay established by your donor through their personal bank account).
  2. U.S. and International MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover both single donation and recurring.
  3. Bank Draft or Incoming Wire.
  4. Brokerage and Non-monetary items are welcomed and must be arranged for separately.  You can donate stocks and bonds, items for ministry, and other Gifts in Kind.  Please arrange for these donations in advance, as they cannot issue a tax receipt after the fact.  MEI cannot issue a tax receipt for the value of donated time for services rendered as described in IRS publication 526 page 7.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or need more details, but when using MEI please do remember to use Chrysolis’ unique code, CHR705.

Non Tax Deductible Giving

People from any country, including the US, can become monthly givers by selecting an amount from the options below, and clicking on it. Not that giving this way will not be tax deductible for you. You can use your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account:


(Chrysolis is UK Registered Charity 1152787)