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Jesus is the most influential person who ever lived. Yet discussion of his story and teachings are often confined to religious gatherings and committed believers.

We at Chrysolis don’t consider Jesus someone of significance only for the faithful. Everybody should have a chance to consider him and his potential relevance for them and for the culture at large.

Chrysolis’ purpose is to encourage and facilitate engagement with Jesus through public events which draw in people who normally wouldn’t consider him an option for their lives. Our events are frequently brimming with skeptical and curious people who want to find out more, and we love the lively and rich interaction which results.

We also train and network those who can communicate at these kinds of events. You can find out more about the full range of our work by exploring the “What We Do” tabs, above.

Chrysolis usually works closely with other organizations and faith communities to run events, though we do also sometimes run entirely independent programs. Our ethos and emphases are Christian, and we follow the classic Nicene Christian formulations of the faith agreed by all mainstream Christian denominations, but our events are open to and aimed at everyone.

Chrysolis was founded in the UK, but our scope is global. We are happy to travel anywhere, and in the past few years have been involved with projects in Italy, Republic of Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Indonesia, Canada, the USA and many other places beside.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you think we can be of help to you.


Sumnivy day 4-43

Chrysolis’ Luke Cawley on stage in front of hundreds of students speaking and interacting with their questions on ‘How Can I Change?”

(Chrysolis is UK Registered Charity 1152787)