Engage is a network dedicated to facilitating public discussion about the potential relevance of Jesus for today. Its focus is on universities and students.

Engage works most directly with current and potential organizers of public events and with local academics sympathetic to our aims.

Engage seeks to expose its collaborators to best practice from around Europe and to coach and develop them as they seek to interact with increasing numbers of students and academics on topics.

We function primarily as an informal web of collaborative and mentoring relationships. These connections are supported by various events and gatherings. Engage also interlocks with Chrysolis Academy and Chrysolis Projects.

The initial focus of Engage is on Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The very first Romanian and Moldovan Engage Conference happened in September 2017, and you can catch a glimpse of it in this video:

You can read more about Engage, and about the other projects we run in Romania, on our Romanian-language website, here.


Small group discussion on how to prepare an attention-grabbing talk, at an Engage event in 2017.